Brazilian Zouk Lambada Fundamentals Course Part 1

IN THIS COURSE : Welcome | Mindset | Connections | Footwork | Handwork +Frame | Rhythms and counting | Weight Transfer Training | 3 sides of the Basic | Cursive Play- Combinations | 1 on 1 Online Session

Welcome to the Zenzouk Ezentials  Course on BZL Fundamentals PART 1 of 2

~ Where the eternal journey becomes an endless playground ~ 

We are so thrilled and grateful for this project to come to reality. This 1 st edition of our fundamentals on BZL is a special take on how we break down and explore BZL. 

 Inspired on the roots of this dance Lambada,  with the amazing influences of so many dancers in the scene who have made this dance grow to what we know as today. We dedicate this course to the generation before us and to come. 

Zenzouk EZentials is a mix of my personal internal journey as a solo dancer in styles like ballet, modern, contemporary,  partner dancing experience in ballroom and salsa, and the learning journey for my new love Brazilian Zouk Lambada while traveling around the world these past 7 years. These experiences throughout all these years have opened my mind to exploring and sharing different ways of moving and connecting through dance and what gives to our lives. Together with the support and experience of my beautiful dancer and dance partner  Jessica and he own unique journey in ballroom dance,  theater, and her own explorations and findings as a student and a teacher,  we have put together this pre-recorded course. Filled with many insights and tips and fun exploration, this course is  EZentials for the rest of our journey. 

 These videos take us on a journey from zero to hero - we will explore a variety of themes and concepts we use in our dancing and would love to share them with you. Mindset - Connection, Counting rhythms (Quick and Slow) and Fundamental moves on flow and contrast, &


 Our goal for anyone taking this course is to expand their minds to the possibilities this beautiful Brazilian dance has to offer and to inspire becoming a rhythm and counting bilingual from the beginning. We want to give a strong platform to build on no matter the style and to share our love and encouragement for a continuous beginner mind mindset- Opens curiosity, playfulness, and a blank slate state ,as if it is the first time


 We share some of our practical mindset and physical concepts on what we call the 3 types of connection  🌎Contrast   🌊Flow 🔥 Zero 🌪 By exploring them, it will help us identify them throughout any dance,  giving the space for our minds to be calm, open and excited to create with the momentum and energy created when social dancing. 


One part of this course that we are super happy about is our rhythm and counting lesson.   Experiencing different communities and the different ways of counting and relating to the music, showed us how this dance has so much richness and many ways to express it; for this reason,  this course inspired us to share our personal view on it and how we approach it (~ the Counting On and Dancing On concepts). This approach helps us dance both rhythms and the ones to come.   The spirit of this lesson is to simplify and provide an opportunity to grasp  the main two ways of counting and dancing from the get-go of your learning -💃🎼Dancing On the Quick and Dancing the Slow 🕺 🎼 Counting On the Quick( beats)  and Counting on he Slow (tempo) 


In this course, we will spend a good amount of time exploring different techniques and imagery that we use in Zenzouk to support your exploration process on your footwork and handwork. For us, this is one of the most crucial parts of the process as we give our body the time to digest the intricate movement for smooth transitions and speeds. Our goal with these videos is to activate your physical sensations through the power of imagination, as we will use many of these concepts throughout the course. 


We will guide you on the breakdown of the main fundamentals moves and variations for BZL,  solo, wifi, and partners. At the end of the course, we will have plenty of tools to explore our creativity and mix and match in a cursive way all the moves covered. These fundamentals are for both Brazilian Zouk and Lambada and are all based on three main  Zenzouk EZentials  Concepts we like to use. ✨the 3 sides of the linear basic ✨The Diamond  ✨ the 3 lanes of the linear basic 

In PART 1  we will go over all the moves where we move with our partner in the same direction (FLOW), 

In PART 2 we will explore moves that go in the opposite directions to come back together (CONTRAST)


We made this course with so much love and with the desire to share our concepts and imagination through the screen.   We hope the supporting text, images, and practice times with music can help you in this beautiful voyage of movement and dance.


 Our course also will give you access to a 4  Q & A  to answer any questions you might have about the course. In addition, you will get a  1 on 1 45min  online private lessons as part  of our Membership  and any additional privates at a discounted price  ( privates can be done with 2 people, additional people $10)

We are so happy to share this kit of tools and ideas so your eternal journey becomes an endless playground of learning. We are super excited to hear how your journey goes and what explorations it might inspire you.

Enjoy this special course and welcome to the beginning of your dance Voyage

Let's get started 

🌈  Ryel and Jessica 🦄

This course is the first part 1 of 2- Every week we will be adding new material to this course.  there are about 20 more videos you will have access thru here. We cant wait to share more, in the meantime, 


Advanced Fundamentals coming too!!!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. Welcome to BZL Fundamentals Part 1

    • Welcome to Zenzouk EZ- Brazilian Zouk Lambada Fundamentals Part 1

    • FUN 1 - Intro

    • FUN 1.1 - What is BZL

    • FUN 1 - ✨ Level Up ✨ 🗝

  • 2

    2. Principles: Connection

    • FUN 2 - Connection Mindset

    • FUN 2.1 - Intensities

    • FUN 2.2 - Awakening of the frame

    • FUN- FUN- ✨Sound 🎼Treasure ✨ #1

    • FUN 2.3 - Connection- Contrast

    • FUN 2.4 - Connection- Flow

    • FUN 2.5 - Connection- Zero

    • FUN- ✨Sound 🎼Treasure ✨ #2

    • FUN 2.6 - Reaction Time of Elasticity

    • FUN 2 - ✨ Level Up ✨ 🗝

  • 3

    3. Principles: Footwork, Handwork & Frame

    • FUN 3 - Elevator

    • FUN 3.1 - Footwork- Split weight

    • FUN 3.2 - 3 part of the linear Basics

    • FUN- ✨Sound 🎼Treasure ✨#3

    • FUN 3.3 - Hands Story 1

    • FUN 3.4 - Hands Story 2

    • FUN 3.5 - Frames

    • FUN 3 - ✨ Level Up ✨ 🗝

  • 4

    4. Principles: The Sounds Lab ( Rhythms-Counting and Music )

    • FUN 4 - Rhythms and Counting (Dancing On - Counting On)

    • FUN - ✨The Sounds Lab✨

    • FUN 4 - ✨ Level Up ✨ 🗝

  • 5

    5. Principles: Weight transfer drills

    • FUN 5.- Weight transfer training

    • FUN- ✨Sound 🎼Treasure ✨#4

    • FUN 5.1- Weight transfer training 2

    • FUN 3 - ✨ Level Up ✨ 🗝

  • 6

    6. Fundamentals: 3 sides of the basic

    • FUN 6 - 3 Sides of the Basic

    • FUN 6.1 - Viradinha Variations + Review with music

    • FUN 6.2 - Dancing On- Counting On ( 3 sides )

    • FUN 6.3 - Reverse Viradinha

    • FUN 6.4 - Back and front + rotation 1

    • FUN 6.5 - Dancing On- Counting On- (Back and front + Reversed Viradinha)

    • FUN- ✨Sound 🎼Treasure ✨- #5

    • FUN 6.6 - Back and front + Rotation 2

    • FUN 6.7- Diamonds

    • FUN 6.8 Dancing ON Counting ON- Diamond and Back and front + rotation 1

    • FUN 6.9 - Side step variations +side step turn

  • 7

    7. Fundamentals: Cursive play-Combinations

    • FUN 7 - Cursive play- Combo #1

    • FUN 7.1 - Cursive play- Combo #2

    • FUN- 7.2 - First Adventure submission- Combo #3 ( Assignment )

  • 8

    8. Parabens!!

    • Congratulations !!