Welcome to our special unique island full of treasures,  for all  your solo and partnering movement needs.  Learning through  the lens of Zenzouk methodology will  be a whole experience.  We will break down movement and techniques found in Brazilian Zouk and Lambada and FUSE them together in a unique EZential approach, providing a strong flexible foundation for any dancer of any level. 

This library was born from our passion for sharing and inspiring awareness on the importance of each style and their unique flavors,  the common ground, and similarities between both expressions, and a space for the beautiful fusion of both.

 Together with my beautiful dance partner Jessica we are super thankful for the opportunity to support the expansion of this beautiful dance and the love for movement. 

The Zenzouk's treasure box is full of different adventures for you from fundamentals to more advanced. Get ready for a journey in every course in 


 Brazilian Zouk   

 Zenzouk Movement


Zenzouk EZentials Fundamentals PART1 course will take you from zero to hero, exploring these concepts to support your growth as a bilingual dancer.  These courses are part of our EZential Membership and includes all courses + special discounts  on  1 on 1 private dance sessions to support your journey


We offer Two main MEMBERSHIPS - EZentials & Press Play N Play.  Learn more about them and get Ready to be part of the Crew ⚓️

Why train with Zenzouk?

Zenzouk is a methodology developed by Ryel,  to break down and share Brazilian Zouk and lambada. Our experience and travels around the world, have inspired Ry to develop this methodology which uses the elements (earth, water, fire, air), imagination, and geometry to explore movement. Zenzouk Online Video Library Is a special platform offering prerecorded live classes that focus on the development of our dancing by encouraging repetitions of exercises and movements that complement the theme of the class.  We understand how difficult is to allocate extra time for our dancing and cross-training, We made a commitment to start each class with an extensive warm-up to get our muscle and mind ready for the content of the classes.

Our passion to share movement and body awareness will provide you with many tools to support your growth as a dancer and open the possibilities for your bodies to move and express freely. 

Looking forward to have us joining us in our endless playground. 

 Lambada Brazilian Zouk  Zenzouk Movement

Whats special about our Video library?

  • Progressive

    All our Courses are Progressive and Dynamic Each class will build and evolve from the previous one.

  • Dynamic learning - non stop action

    All our classes are 60-90 minutes in length- Each class with a generous warm-up of 20 to 30 minutes to provide a in the class room FULL LIVE CLASS EXPERIENCE

  • Left and Right Brain Friendly

    Comprehensive learning via images diagrams and videos that support the learning experience - Concepts Translate across the different classes

  • 90+ hours

    Our memberships will give you access to 90 + hours of prerecorded classes in Brazilian Zouk- Lambada - Zenzouk movement .

  • Monthly New courses every month

    New material coming your way from our 2020-2021 Live Classes + New pre recorded courses as part of our Ezential Membership

  • Membership

    Our memberships will give you access to our video Library of courses , discount on online Private lessons to support your learning


“Ryel' s Zenzouk classes are fun and really easy to follow. He has a unique ability to teach and explain how to move your body in a natural way, which allows your body to execute smooth, flowing movements with ease. Highly recommended :)”

Mary Fitzgibbons

“I love this class, which feels fundamental, like ballet, but with a different aesthetic and vocabulary. I often describe it to my friends as being like a "movement massage" we give ourselves every class, with steps and gestures that invite calm and expansive breath and gentle stretching. The combinations are challenging but not overwhelming (I hate feeling like I'm just trying to memorize a series of steps by rote) and follow patterns involving expansion/contraction, inhalation/exhalation, staccato/legato, that make one feel able to really tell a "story" through movement.”

Larissa Archer

“I think every dancer should take ZenZouk lines, regardless of their preferred style of dance! Ryel combines classical and contemporary movement with different elements of nature. He not only teaches you solid foundations but also gives you the space to make it entirely your own. With every Lines class I feel like I unlock more comfort and awareness with movement within myself. It’s really improved my creativity and expression in Zouk!”

Annie Liu

“Ry'el makes it so easy to relax and learn. I love how he's able to mirror his patterns so that he can watch us, but still make it easy to follow along.”

Stephen Yen

“I really like the way Henry teaches his Lambada classes, as well as Jessica providing her feedback. Both provide critical techniques and useful tips when it comes to the body movement and steps needed in the dance and how those can be applied in partner work. In addition, the class is very detail oriented and structured, so it is easy to follow along. The way they teach online is very similar to their in-person classes at Stepping Out Studio. I would highly recommend taking with ZenZouk classes.”

Kevin Kim

“I really loved this class, it felt great to move and focus on my lines, I don't have a lot of experience with solo/contemporary dance. The class was run very smoothly and the teachers are experts.”

Jenny Cousins


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Watch Intro Video

Ryel+Jessica (Unicorn)

Zouktime Holiday Croatia 2016 - I Need You - DJ Libre

Watch Intro Video

Ryel+Jessica (Unicorn)

Lambada - Ultimate Zouk retreat 2019