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Brazilian Zouk Lambada is a Brazilian partner dance taking the world by storm, its beautiful qualities and versatility are hypnotizing everyone  along its path. In our library, we will guide you to discover this fascinating dance step by step in a progressive way. If this is your first time or you are  an experienced dancer, we will support your growth and curiosity in this journey of movement self-discovery, exploration, and creativity through the art of Brazilian Zouk Lambada  


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Zenzouk EZentials courses | FUNdamentals

From Zero to Hero, here is where your journey starts. We will dive into all the principles and fundamentals moves for Brazilian Zouk Lambada through the lens of Zenzouk Methodology.  This course is only included in the EZentials Membershipwe will be uploading  NEW courses material every month!!! check it out 

FUN Part 2- Advance FUN 1 and 2 

Zenzouk LIVE classes courses 2020-2021


All these courses are Included in our EZENTIALS and  PRESS PLAY N PLAY memberships. Each progressive course builds upon each other, allowing you to repeat and train as if you were in a Live class- You can literally press play on each class and enjoy the explorations and follow along, there will always be something different and unique in each class that will help you advance in your movement training. We are looking forward to getting you dancing and moving non-stop in all our courses.

Lambada Courses

Brazilian Zouk Courses