Upcoming Courses

- Ezentials Course : FUNDAMENTALS PART 2

- Ezentials Course : Advanced Fundamentals part 1 

- Brazilian Zouk Body Movement 2

- Spins and Turns 2

- and Much more!!!


  • What is the Zenzouk Motto

    -Finding a meditative state of artistic movement and expression by connecting to oneself and others- RYEL This is, in a nutshell, the spirit of Zenzouk

  • Why training with Zenzouk?

    After many years of experience and traveling around the world, Ryel has developed a system and methodology to teach Brazilian Zouk and lambada, acknowledging the left and right brains students- His love and passion to share movement and the different possibilities will provide you with many tools to support your growth as a dancer. Together with his dance partner Jessica they love sharing the magic of their experiences and the different way our bodies can move and express freely.

  • Are these video for solo or Couples?

    All the courses have been aimed for solo training and explorations, which we believe is the first step in becoming an exceptional social partner dancer. Yet in many classes, we will show you how this can be applied in partner dancing if possible. Partnering Courses are coming soon!!!! and will be based on many of the footwork and techniques shared on the solo course.

  • What is Zenzouk

    Zenzouk is method of teaching Brazilian Zouk lambada and over all body movement thru multiple exercises and philosophies based on the “elements” Including earth water fire and air- as symbols for analyzing dance and personal movement. Zenzouk movement technique is Rooted in classical Lambazouk Technique infused with the contemporary zouk -lambada styles Training students in the “Zenplicity” of universal body movements, self awareness and expression, allowing them to become versatile, confident Zouk-Lambada dancers. So whether you want to learn Brazilian Zouk Lambada, Body movement awareness, or want to improve your own social dancing or artistic experession, ZenZouk has something to offer you.